Indoor Cycling


Riding a bike at home or in the gym can be pretty boring. But with our Indoor Cycling functionality, it makes indoor cycling fun again. We use a community platform with over 90,000 cyclists who have created over 300+ videos in various locations around the world.

You can easily integrate and list these videos in our app and then show them to your clients as soon as they come to use the bike.

For trainers who want more than just managing their schedules, there is the ability to record their own images and videos and sync them to the app.

Indoor Cycling is a component of the Digital Trainer.


Digitale Trainer features

Your own Logo and Name

Personalize the app for your studio. Simply adjust the logo or app title and all apps will automatically take over. 

No Reading glasses needed

Do you have customers who exercise without reading glasses? For that we have added the reading glasses mode.

Also works offline

Does your studio have limited to almost no internet ? No problem, our app works even without internet connection.

Create or adjust sport plans

If the supplied sport plans are not sufficient, you can easily click together your sports plans.

Simply synchronize

All activities are easily synchronized to the app. Once it is on the app, the Shapeview Trainer can be used with or without the Internet.

Copy Sport Plans & Activities

To speed up the process of creating plans and activities, you can duplicate everything in one click.

Upload your own Video's

You will receive 600 sport videos by default. But for the studios that want more, it is easy to add your own videos or images.

Standard & Circuit

You can replace your paper diagrams with our standard diagrams but it is also possible to create fully automated circuit diagrams.


Actively monitor whether your clients are performing the exercises. Clients can be easily distracted but you can monitor this remotely well and approach and motivate the client in time.

Free Demo

Request a free demo ?

You can request a free demo from us so that you can try our products before you decide to purchase them. Complete the form on the right and we will ensure that you receive a free trial account.

You can try all our Shapeview products for free for two weeks so that you can see at your leisure whether Shapeview fits your organization. Are you still missing certain functionalities? We are still actively developing on Shapeview and deploying updates on a regular basis. If you need extra features, we are open for any suggestions.

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