Fit at House with the Home Trainer

Are you becoming the online gym of the future? Make sure your physical therapy practice, gym or studio does not fall behind.

Through the online platform you can easily create customized sports schedules for your clients. Choose from the standard sports schedules or create your own videos and explanations to add to your own sports schedules.

The Home Trainer is part of the Digital Trainer.


Home Trainer features

Your own Logo and Name

Personalize the app for your studio. Simply adjust the logo or app title and all apps will automatically take over. 

No Reading glasses needed

Do you have customers who exercise without reading glasses? For that we have added the reading glasses mode.

Also works offline

Does your studio have limited to almost no internet ? No problem, our app works even without internet connection.

Create or adjust sport plans

If the supplied sport plans are not sufficient, you can easily click together your sports plans.

Simply synchronize

All activities are easily synchronized to the app. Once it is on the app, the Shapeview Trainer can be used with or without the Internet.

Copy Sport Plans & Activities

To speed up the process of creating plans and activities, you can duplicate everything in one click.

Upload your own Video's

You will receive 600 sport videos by default. But for the studios that want more, it is easy to add your own videos or images.

Standard & Circuit

You can replace your paper diagrams with our standard diagrams but it is also possible to create fully automated circuit diagrams.


Actively monitor whether your clients are performing the exercises. Clients can be easily distracted but you can monitor this remotely well and approach and motivate the client in time.

Easy exercise from home

Due to the current corona measures, all gyms and physical therapy practices are closed.
This is obviously to ensure the health of both employees and clients.
This also means that many people work from home. So why should this be any different for sports?

At Shapeview, we don’t think so! Working out under your supervision can also easily be done from home with our Home Trainer. Our goal is to ensure that the experience of exercising in your gym or physiotherapy practice is continued at home. We do this by combining different functionalities, allowing you to stay in close contact with your clients while they progress at home.

How does the Home Trainer work?

You must be curious about how the Home Trainer works. Request a free demo today to try it out for yourself.

Once you have gained access to the online platform, you can easily choose from the 170+ standard sports schedules or create customized sports schedules for your clients.

To do this, you can use the 600+ sports videos that come standard, but you can also record your own videos and add them to the Home Trainer yourself.

Very easily you can create your own sports schedules that you can adapt to the needs and age of your clients. For example, you can specify per client how often they should do the exercises, or you can let the client choose for themselves.

Your clients do not have to use a separate stopwatch when performing the exercises, this is all built into the Home Trainer!

The logbook actively tracks whether your clients are performing the exercises. You can actively guide, motivate and monitor your clients remotely.

Ideal for today’s situation.

Why you should choose Shapeview’s Home Trainer

Experienced software developers

Shapeview builds software aimed at the sports and physical therapy industry. We do this with a team that has a lot of experience in the field of software development.


Our team is always researching the latest and most innovative solutions for our software. So we are constantly improving our own software. You will always enjoy the best features.

Privacy and security

Unlike our competition, we separate all customer data across different data sources. This requires more expertise, which fortunately we have, but with this we guarantee that your data is strictly separated from other customers.


Together with &, we continuously develop our systems. We keep all functionalities and sports schedules up-to-date so that your clients benefit from them. We provide more than 600 sports exercises and 170 schedules that your clients can perform themselves at home (or in the garden, of course).

Digitize and optimize

We take a lot of worries away from you by digitizing and optimizing your processes. This saves you a lot of work.

Transparent prices

At Shapeview, we are not afraid to mention our prices. Shapeview is available starting at €30.00 per month and for only €70.00 per month we offer you a competitively priced combination package that includes both the Home Trainer, Client and Planner.

It will pay for itself

At 5 clients, you have already earned Shapeview Trainer back.

The Shapeview Trainer costs € 0.90 per client if you choose the package with 50 home athletes.
If you charge € 10 per client, you will earn € 9.10 per client and have already earned our software back with 5 clients.

Free demo

Request a free demo ?

You can request a free demo from us so that you can try our products before you decide to purchase them. Complete the form on the right and we will ensure that you receive a free trial account.

You can try all our Shapeview products for free for two weeks so that you can see at your leisure whether Shapeview fits your organization. Are you still missing certain functionalities? We are still actively developing on Shapeview and deploying updates on a regular basis. If you need extra features, we are open for any suggestions.

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