Shapeview Client

Managing your customers in one overview has never been easier.

The Shapeview Client is the first customer registration system that fits seamlessly with the TFM method. This way, you can easily manage your customer data, create cards, enter monthly subscriptions, invoices and see in one glance whether payments are still open. You can get an overview of your customer to see how many centimeters and weight a customer has taken or lost. In addition, your customer data is securely stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about backups. With Shapeview Client you are therefore always protected against fire, theft and computer hacks.


Shapeview Client features

Clear and customizable overview of your clients

The dashboard on which your clients can be seen is fully customizable to your taste. In addition, you can see at a glance if someone’s birthday or if there are still outstanding payments.

Digital measuring cards & subscriptions

Why search in a folder or excel for your measurement data if you can easily call it up digitally within 2 seconds?

Management accounts

By default you will receive an Owner account with which you can do everything. But it is also possible to order an Employee account with fewer rights or a Financial account for your accountant.

Inventory management

Register your inventory and easily link it to your invoices. You can then easily see which products are popular based on your sales.

Integration with the Planner & Trainer

All your entered customers can easily be shared with the Shapeview Trainer & Planner. For example, to quickly make an appointment or to put a digital plan in your name.

Client progress reports

Our smart algorithms can analyze all measurement data per customer and in this way create a report on which you can see the progress of the Client.

Invoices & Billing

The billing system is very extensive with functionalities such as recurring invoices, discounts, E-mailing or a direct link with your inventory stock.

Management reports

Whether you have one or more studios. With our management reports you can easily monitor the progress of your studio.

Your data in a safe place

Your data is securely stored in our own cloud. Here your data is backed up several times a day at different locations.

Free Demo

Request a free demo?

You can request a free demo from us so that you can try our products before you decide to purchase them. Complete the form on the right and we will ensure that you receive a free trial account.

You can try all our Shapeview products for free for two weeks so that you can see at your leisure whether Shapeview fits your organization. Are you still missing certain functionalities? We are still actively developing on Shapeview and will deploy updates on a regular basis. If you need extra features, we are open for any suggestions.

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