Shapeview Planner

Your customers can now plan appointments themselves online. The Shapeview Planner saves you a lot of time every day because customers can plan everything themselves. For new customers it may be a barrier to make an appointment by telephone or to drop by, but making an appointment with the online Planner is easy. Do you want to combine or offer activities with (or without) authentication? No problem this is all there.

The Planner consists of 3 essential parts. Namely, a Digital Agenda, a Digital Planboard to keep a nice overview and the Planner himself to determine exactly how to plan.

Combine the Planner with the Shapeview Client and you have a powerfully optimized process to easily manage a busy studio.


Shapeview Planner features

Clear Planboard

With the planning board you can easily plan per device and see what the availability status is.

Customers can register themselves

Save time at the counter or in handling emails. Thanks to our planner, customers can make appointments themselves.

Fully customizable

It is possible to configure your own design style in the Planner. This makes integration with the corporate identity on your website extra easy.

Automatic reminders

Prevent No-Shows by sending the customers a reminder in time. You can set when and how often.

Digital Agenda

Why scratch your paper agenda when you can easily drag or delete it digitally.

Seamless integration with the Shapeview Client

If a customer is registered in the Client, then this is also known in the Planner. This allows you to easily see whether a lesson has been registered and whether any payments are still open.

Flexible businesshours

The opening times can be determined per service in the Planner. For example, this allows you to easily indicate that the sunbed is closed on Saturdays.

Bulletin Board

Our motto is to make everything you currently do on paper possible in our software. Hence, we have this option.

Website integration

If you want customers to be able to make appointments online, it is possible to integrate the personal agenda on your own website.

Extensive Service module

Our service module is the most comprehensive one there is. Combine devices, configure places, book customers as guests and many more.

You decide how to plan

You can determine in detail how your customer can plan. For example, you define the conditions whether the customer can sign out and when it’s possible to do this.

Link with your private calendar

You can use a technology called iCal. This allows you to load a file from our Planner onto your phone or other calendar to see what is scheduled.

Free Demo

Request a free demo?

You can request a free demo from us so that you can try our products before you decide to purchase them. Complete the form on the right and we will ensure that you receive a free trial account.

You can try all our Shapeview products for free for two weeks so that you can see at your leisure whether Shapeview fits your organization. Are you still missing certain functionalities? We are still actively developing on Shapeview and deploy updates on a regular basis. If you need extra functionalities, we are open for any suggestions.

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