About Shapeview

Shapeview builds software aimed at the sports & health industry and seamlessly integrates with Thermo Physical Method (TFM) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) methods. The team we do this with is both experienced in software development, as well as researching the latest and most innovative solutions for our software.

The name Shapeview originated from our first software package, the Shapeview Client. This is a comprehensive client registration system where the focus is on the client’s figure analysis. So you can easily create reports, set target measurements or get an overview per studio of how many centimeters and kilos have gone off this month.

Together with our customers, we continuously develop the systems. We ensure that the system optimizes your processes, digitizes them and takes away a lot of your worries.

Our Products

Digital Trainer

The Digital Trainer is an app that displays digital (sport) plans. Make customized plans for your clients and easily synchronize them with a smartphone or tablet. The app contains options for adding your own images, videos, instructions and stopwatches to the platform.

Members & Clients

Shapeview Client is a user-friendly customer registration system in which you can easily keep an overview of your users, create sport cards, register payments and much more. With the tablet version you always have your customer registration system at hand.

Online Planner

With the Shapeview Planner you save yourself and your customers a lot of time every day because customers can now plan an activity themselves online. Convenience for the customer and convenience for you. Making an appointment becomes easy with the user-friendly online Planner.

The people behind Shapeview

Where are we active?




Reunion Island


Free demo?

Are you interested in Shapeview but want to try it out first? No problem! you can use all our Shapeview products for free for two weeks so that you can see at your leisure whether Shapeview fits your organization. Are you still missing certain functionalities?
Let us know. We are still developing on Shapeview and deploy updates regularly. If you need extra functionalities, we are open for any suggestions.


The customers grab a tablet and get to work. They can switch between the programs and the lessons themselves. It is very nice that there is a video in which you can see how you perform the exercise.


The Shapeview software is very user-friendly, easily applicable and very suitable for my studio with heat cabins. If things are unclear or adjustments are required, they will always help you on your way quickly, correctly and in a friendly way. I am a very satisfied customer.

Studio Sanerie

I have been working with the Shapeview Client system for over a year and a half to complete satisfaction. It is easy and fast to use. What I find very important is the smooth service if you have a problem or question


We have been working with Shapeview Trainer for six months now and are very happy with it. It is a pleasant program to work with. Within 1 minute you have adjusted a program for a client and this is so easy that you do not even need a manual for it. During the training there is a clock running so that the client can see exactly how much time is already available. The standard videos are clear. There is even a possibility to make your own videos. We should do this soon! 🙂